Great products are key - and we make sure we use, in our opinion, only the best for our clients. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that our stylists are armed with the most up to date product information and can prescribe the perfect products for whatever your hair needs.


Loreal’s luxury brand. This is a prescriptive haircare range that has a family of hair baths, treatments and styling products for every hair type. Anthony John Salons is home to 3 Kerastase Ambassadors and 2 specialists, ensuring that you are prescribed the correct programme to get your hair into the very best condition. A popular choice amongst the A-list and in our opinion simply the best haircare range on the market.
Goldwell colour is known for its creativity. With a huge palette of colour to choose from -all intermixable, it means our stylists can create a bespoke colour that is perfect for you. From semi-permanent right through to full white hair coverage, from bright and vibrant to subtle and understated, this product range never fails to deliver.
KMS is a fashion forward luxury brand. It is all about creating the exact look you want but still keeping the condition of the hair at its optimum. Beautiful shampoos and conditioners are accompanied by styling products to give you the look that you want; whether it be hold, shine, or volume- our KMS specialists can offer the perfect advice.






Awards mean a lot to us at Anthony John Salons. It is a lovely feeling to receive recognition from your peers and we pride ourselves on deserving praise for our photographic work, business acumen and growth in the industry.

The awards we have won show that not only is our photographic work on trend, fashion forward and wearable but more importantly, they recognise that customer service and high quality staff education is at the heart of everything we do.

We are proud to say that our photographic work has been published all over the world; gracing the front covers of magazines- from the USA to France, Australia to Italy our images have caught the attention of industry press internationally. As stylists at Anthony John Salons our job is to always look forward, be aware of the trends and strive for the perfect interpretations in salon. I like to think our awards prove we do exactly that.