5 Easy Ways To Instantly Transform Your Hair

5 Ways To Transform Your Hair At Anthony John Salons In Lichfield

Have you had the same hairstyle for years and are looking to change it up? Transform your hair at Anthony John Salons - the best hair salon in Staffordshire!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look no further because we have a list of simple ways to transform your hair that will leave you loving your locks more than ever. Make sure to book in for a consultation with our hair experts at our Lichfield salon to ensure you’re getting the transformation you’ve always dreamed of.

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Try Out a New Fringe

An easy way to totally transform your look is to add a fringe! This will change up your hairstyle, giving it a youthful, fun and edgy vibe that looks great with almost any hairstyle. There are so many different fringes to try such as blunt fringes, micro fringes, side-swept fringes, curly fringes, curtain bangs and more. With so many fringes to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice, and we’re sure to find the perfect fringe for you. Just book in for a consultation and one of our expert stylists will be able to recommend a fringe to suit you and your face shape. To keep your fringe looking fresh, make sure to book in for regular trims at our award-winning Lichfield salon.

Add Some Layers to Your Hairstyle

Do you feel like your hair is falling flat and lacking volume? Layers are a fabulous way to add depth, body and shape to your hairstyle. We love layers because they work well on a variety of hair types – layers can make thick hair easier to style, and can provide a fuller appearance for hair that’s fine or thinning. Again, it’s important to book a consultation at Anthony John Salons in Staffordshire so that our skilled stylists can discuss their plan for the perfect layered hairstyle for your hair type, face shape and style.

Try A New Hair Colour

Why not completely change it up with a brand new hair colour! From face-framing highlights to beautiful balayage hair colour, or a vivid fashion colour like the stunning copper hair colour shown below, our skilled colourists can do it all. We use the best L’Oréal hair colour products to provide you with incredible results that will leave you looking and feeling gorgeous. You can even buy some of these products from our online shop here.

Please note: You must come in for a quick and simple patch test 48 hours before any hair colouring services.

Add Length, Thickness or Colour with Hair Extensions

It’s time to get excited because…coming to Anthony John Salons soon we will be offering hair extension services! So, if you’ve always wanted long, luscious locks then soon we can make your long hair dreams come true. Your hair could be as long as our client below’s!

Hair extensions are a great way to transform your hair as they not only add length but can be used to provide thickness and volume too. We can even apply hair extensions of a different colour to your hair for a fun pop of colour without the commitment of having to actually dye your hair!

Indulge In A Kerastase Fusio Dose

Whatever your concerns are with your hair or scalp health kerastase will have a treatment for it. The fusio dose treatments are a range of medication for your hairs needs. All beautifully light weight, they are a spray conditioner which treats the hair from the inside out. On top of this, they are instant - so no hanging around!

So whether your hair is weak, dry, dull, thinning, your blonde is brassy and lacks shine or your curl is lacking the spring and definition... or a combination of these problems, there is a treatment for it. Ask your stylist next time you're with us which would be best for you.

Book Your Hair Makeover Appointment At Top Staffordshire Salon

Is it time to transform your hair? Book in for a consultation with the experts at Anthony John Salons in Lichfield where we can help you decide exactly how you want your hair transformed with results that will leave you feeling fabulous inside and out. Just call us on 01543 481 900 to book.