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It takes years of training and experience to become a specialist in correcting hair colour disasters, so if you have experienced a home hair dye disaster, please visit our colour correction experts at Anthony John Salons in Lichfield.

We will provide an exceptional colour correction service that is tailored to you and your particular hair colour dilemma.  During a detailed hair colour consultation we will analyse your hair and come up with a plan to transform your colour back to a beautiful shade once more.

Throughout the process we will keep you informed so you have a full understanding of the plan, time and costs involved in correcting your hair issues. 

Please note:  We are a colour responsible salon so all new or returning clients will need to have a skin test and full consultation 48 hours before any colour service appointment. 

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COLOUR CORRECTION, top hair salon, swinfen, lichfield, staffordshireCommon Hair Colour Mistakes

We are here to help if your hair colour has gone wrong and, rest assured, we have the expertise to correct hair colour issues. 

One of the most common hair colour problems include unwanted red, orange or yellow tones as a result of an incorrect bleaching application.  Another problem can be when your hair colour turns out too dark or your highlights are too obvious.

Do not panic. We have seen it all before and have the skills, knowledge and techniques to correct your hair colour issue.  Your first step is to pick up the phone and call us on 01543 481 900 to explain the problem so we can book you in for a consultation. 

BALAYAGE corrections, best hair salon, swinfen, lichfield, staffordshire Home Balayage Hair Colour 

‘How do you fix a home balayage hair colour that’s gone wrong?’

If your hair colour has turned out totally different colour to the colour on the box, please seek professional help as soon as possible.  Balayage is a technical colouring service that is best left to the professionals - so please do not try this yourself at home.

You may need highlights, lowlights or colour gloss to blend away any harsh band of colours or unwanted brassy tones in the hair.

Please also bear in mind that colour correction can often take time and you may need to invest in further appointments and professional products to reach your desired shade.

Visit The Hair Colour Correction Specialists At Anthony John Salons In Lichfield

Whatever your hair colour need, the skilled team at Anthony John Hair Salons in Lichfield, Staffordshire are here to help. Call us on 01543 481 900 as soon as possible so we can help you with your hair colour correction.