Anthony John Salons Celebrate 11 Years In Business!

It's Our Birthday! AJS Salons in Lichfield Celebrate 11 Years In Business

AJS Salons Lichfield AnniversaryI seriously can’t believe that the business is 11 years old today. It’s gone in a blink of an eye. So many chapters, and so many more to come. I want to thank anybody who’s been a part of our journey so far, that have helped AJS become what it has and that have supported us. Whether that be from day 1 or if you have only just met us. Thank you.

I’m not good at standing still in anything in life. I want to be better at what I do and I want those around me to always want to be better themselves and hit their full potential. I’ve evolved and the team has too. I feel I say every year it’s our strongest team ever, and it is! it’s because of that evolution. So I hope I’ll be saying this every year for the next god knows how many years…. “we’ve got the best team ever.” People make a business like ours what it is. We have amazing people.

I’ve had one of those moments just yesterday where I’ve walked around the salon and nearly cried - everybody fully booked, loving their jobs and their environment. We saw more clients yesterday in one single day than we have seen in a day since the pandemic began. The growth we still show every year and the individuals in the team who surpass their own expectations gives me so much pride.

OF COURSE Thank you to you, the clients. Some of you have now been clients of ours for all of those 11 years. Some of you I’ve now known now for the full 20 years of my career. You’ve witnessed those chapters in our business and the main reason for that drive to stay at the very top of what we do is that we can continue to surpass your expectations. You make our job what it is and we love looking after you and your hair. Whether you’ve been to us hundreds of times or just once, thank you for choosing us. On a personal level thank you to my wife, Ruthie. Who is my absolute rock and confidant. She helps me and the business in so many ways and has been mine and the salons biggest cheerleader since day one. Thanks also to my friends and family who are a constant source of inspiration to me, I’m very lucky to have the circle I do.

So here’s to 11 years. Let’s see what’s next…

Thank You from Team AJS Lichfield Salons
Thank You Team AJS Salons Lichfield