AJS Salons Celebrate 12 Years In Business

April 2023 marks 12 years since AJS opened our salon doors. Here, our Salon Director, Tony, talks about just how much this remarkable achievement means.

''In a world where less than 20% of salons hit the 10 year milestone, it fills me with immense pride that we have smashed through that and continue to grow in every way going in to what will be our 13th year. A huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey so far. Every member of the team, every business that’s worked with us, all suppliers we’ve worked with, our landlords, the list is long and everyone will have played their part in making AJS what it is today.''

AJS Salons Lichfield 12 Years
AJS Celebration
AJS Salons 12 Years Celebration

Thank You!

''The biggest thank you is always to you, the clients. From those who were with us from day one all the way to those who have only been to us recently for the first time. You make our jobs so fulfilling and we love making you as happy as we can visit after visit. To the thousands and thousands of you, thank you!''

''On a personal note, thank you to all of those who have helped me a long the way. My family, my friends, my wife, the people who inspire me, the people who have mentored me, accountants, HR, business relationships, my leadership team. I choose to surround myself with the best people and I truly feel blessed to have the circle I do around me both professionally and personally. I couldn’t do what I do without all of them and the business wouldn’t be what it is without them. Business, and life, is a team sport and what a team I have.''

''It’s a good sign that for me this all still feels like just the beginning. We constantly evolve, we constantly strive to be EVEN better, we constantly grow and I just know there’s still so much more to come. Thank you everyone, and here’s to many more years of business success, excitement and happiness.''

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