Amelia & Troy Reach L’Oreal Colour Trophy Finals

Team AJS at Regional L'Oreal Colour Trophy Finals

Join us in saying a huge well done to Troy and Amelia for getting through to the regional finals of this years L'Oreal Colour Trophy. They spent the day at Cheltenham race course yesterday showing off the looks they had created on their models. I’m sure you’ll all agree they look amazing.

As I always say to any of the team, our approach for creative and competition work is to create something we’re proud of, that’s totally your/our ideas coming through the look and of course shows the excellence our work always does. Amelia and Troy’s looks are all those things, so I’m proud of them.

Unfortunately we haven’t got through to the grand final this year. Well done to those who have, we’ll be back next year! The main thing for us with award work is internal verification. Don’t get me wrong, External is nice, but as long we are happy with what we’ve done that’s the important thing. Even more than that, it’s the process that’s the key. Stepping out of the comfort zone, researching trends, pushing product and technique. The process for photoshoots and awards simply means we get even better at what we do day in day out in salon.

So well done, Mills and Troy!

Tony. x

Loreal Colour Trophy AJS Salon Lichfield
Team AJS at LOreal Colour Trophy Finals
Loreal Colour Trophy AJS Salon in Lichfield
Loreal Colour Trophy AJS