Future Planning At AJS

A big thank you!  What a few weeks this has been!
Now the dust has settled and the extreme adrenaline has left my body; my brain can actually function on other things… so I thought now would be a good time to write to you all via this blog.
The first thing I want to say is a huge warm thank you to all of our incredible clients for the love and support you’ve shown me and my business over the past month, especially the past fortnight. Whether it’s been kind comments on social media or personal messages, every word has meant a great deal to me. Owning a business can be a lonely place, especially when you’re having to make huge decisions, of which there have been so many recently. Having a team like we do and having this huge client base that quite clearly share our ethos has meant I have never felt alone in what I do. The team were with me every step of the way and trusted in what I was doing and you, our clients, were simply relentless in supporting us.
Thank you.
I wanted to share with you what we plan on doing when we are able to re-open. First and foremost the most important thing to tell you is that we will be extending our opening times as much as physically possible, to try to ensure we see all of you for your hairdressing needs as quickly as we can.
We know you will all be desperate to get your hair coloured and cut, and we’ll be desperate to do it.
This means opening more late nights and having more of our team in than normal on Sundays for the first month. You’ll have to bare with us but we will endeavour to get everyone seen in that first few weeks that we were unable to see during closure. With no dates set out yet it’s really hard to know when that will be and with every week that goes by it’s about another 150 clients we have to fit in on the other side, but we’ll do it! As soon as we are given the green light our front of house team will spend a couple of days contacting you all individually to make sure you are booked in for that much-needed hair appointment!
Our planned annual April 1st price increase will still be going ahead. We have worked hard to really streamline how we communicate our services and make everything as transparent as we can, particularly when it comes to colour. We have also re-named our stylists, again streamlining it so that we now have a price range of just 5 levels (including mine) instead of the 7 we previously had. The 4 price levels are now called:
The Styling Team– hairstylists who have graduated from the AJS training programme in the last 2 years
The Senior Team– experienced hairstylists who are very accomplished on the shop floor and educated to the highest standard
The Directive Team –  experienced hairstylists who are heavily involved in shaping the direction of AJS, either via our leadership, art or education team
The AJS Masters – Masters of their trade, industry leaders and seriously in demand.
We also have some brilliant new services such as our “on the day blow dry” where you can ring that morning and any stylists that are available will blow dry your hair, no matter your length of hair, for just £20 - pretty good hey!
Finally, we will be launching our AJS membership card, something we’re really excited about. The card will be a one-off cost of £100. For that, for a whole 12 months you will get 10% off everything… and I mean everything! Cuts, colours, blowdries, treatments and ALL retail including electricals. The other thing it will give you is advanced booking for both our events and for Christmas appointments. We are hoping to make these available to buy from our website in the coming weeks.
There is lots more to come, as mentioned above we have events, for which we will be teaming up with local businesses, the first being our friends at Allen Brown Jewellery. We have industry business awards aplenty and as you may have seen… we’ve got the small matter of the prestigious Loreal colour trophy Final 2020 in which our Troy has been placed, fingers crossed he can bring it home!
So there is lots going on. Thank you once again for everything! I speak on behalf of all of the team when I say we really miss you x
The future's bright, the future's AJS!
Can’t wait to see you all
Tony x