January Update – What To Expect At The Salon

Protecting Each-other at AJS Salons in Lichfield

Firstly, happy new year! We wanted to updated you on our covid policies at this time and what to expect in the salon on your visits.

In November, we let you know about our plans for the new year, which included HOPEFULLY changing our rotas, removing masks, the return of our balcony relax room and allowing more people (clients and staff) into the salon at once.At the time, I did say that all of this is subject to change depending on what was happening in the area with all things covid. Also, that yours, and our teams health and safety will be at the heart of any decisions and changes we make. 

Obviously things haven't gone as hoped, and whilst the virus runs it's course and the numbers are as high as they are - we do not feel it's right to make any major changes yet. We will however keep analysing the situation and gradually evolve the business as we feel it's safe to do so. So, for clarity, below are the main points about your appointments for early 2022:

Face Masks Update AJS Salons Lichfield

What To Expect...

- Face masks are mandatory and will be worn by all of the team and any visitors to the building unless exempt.

- We have new opening hours (please see website here for details) and have started working in our new rota pattern. This means the team are now together more often and aren't doing so many long days. I felt it was important to make these changes for the team in January as planned for lots of reasons. However, any days where there are more than 8 stylists due in work we have tweaked. This means we are still working with the same numbers and ratios of people as we have done since the pandemic began. It also means that every stylist still has their own "bubble" of two chairs to work on every single day. This reduces people traffic around the salon considerably.

- The balcony room is still closed until we feel it's the right time to open this shared space. So for the time being every client will still stay at the one section for the entirety of their appointment.  

- You will still receive your freshly laundered gown in a sealed bag. We also still won't be taking any belongings off you e.g. your coats. So please bring as little in with you as possible.

- All magazines remain digital.

- Extra sanitisation of all equipment and sections will still take place.

- All towels and hand towels remain disposable

- Finally all of our team, as they have been throughout, will be doing regular lateral flow tests. We ask that all clients do the same.

In Summary

So, in a nutshell, nothing has changed in your client journey from what we have been doing for the last 2 years now. Your safety and therefore your relaxation is still our priority.

Of course these restrictions that we, and the government, put in place does mean that we continue to take a hit as a business, the outgoings for the level of hygiene and PPE are substantial and continuing to reduce the amount of people we allow into the building at once also means a loss in revenue.

Therefore we will keep our small £2 covid charge in place for the time being to go someway to helping the business through the pandemic. As soon as the measures in place are reduced so too will this charge, as it did last year. 

Thank you again for all of your support and for the kind words around how I, and the team, are navigating all of this. We look forward to creating a haven of relaxation and beautiful hair for you all again this year...

Tony x