Our Charity Work

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you that donated in any way towards my charity work this year with shaping futures. Now this year’s journey has concluded, and all donations have been sent off I thought it would be good to let you all know a bit more about my experience.

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Spending two and a half weeks in the Philippines was the most challenging, tiring experience I’ve ever had, but also the most amazing, rewarding and fulfilling experience too!

Whilst educating and inspiring these young adults in the skill of hairdressing as well as social skills to be able to successfully work within a salon environment and work individually and as a team. The thing was, didn’t realise how much they would teach me.

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Their happiness and drive were so infectious. And the bonds and friendships I made with them will always stay with me.

During the two weeks I introduced the 27 young adults to the colouring module, colour has always been the main passion for me with hairdressing.

We went through highlights, global applications and all the theory behind it.

Even through a language barrier and a translator their attitude towards learning, shocked me and I couldn’t believe how quickly they picked up these skills!

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The SOS children’s village, brought the students from 4 separate orphanages across all areas of the Philippines, bringing all the young adults together with the same aim of improving their lives, by learning a lifelong skill set, the SOS villages couldn’t give these children a better start, by caring for them until the age of 21, putting them through all their education and allowing them to be in a loving supportive environment. Plus giving them an amazing support network.

We managed to get through our module quicker than expected allowing us to recap over their previous module of cutting and further improve their confidence.

Since being back, the young adults I worked with all got jobs in salons, and are now getting further training, and earning a living, improving their lives and hopefully creating that ripple effect in their local communities.

Seeing the work they have created, fills me with so much pride. Being able to pass on the skills I have been so lucky to pick up over the years from some of the industries finest was a privilege for me.


I have officially caught the bug, and as hard as it was for me to leave, I would love to do this again and as It is a global charity it’s exciting to see where it could take me.

Huge thanks to everyone who supported me through this. To all of you that donated, big or small, thank you! To the businesses who gave kindly to our raffle, thank you!

And finally, to the team at AJS, from top to bottom, as with anything you are so supportive, thank you, it means such a lot!

To see more about our fabulous team visit our team page.

Troy x