Silver & Pastel Hair

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Firstly, silver and pastel hair colours rock! They are one of the biggest hair trends and we are completely on board. From Katy Perry’s lavender locks to Rita’s peachy dream we are totally in love.Unfortunately, there is a "but". There are many things to consider short term and long term which will affect these colours, here are some of my top things to think about if you are after a bit of pastel…

1. Have a consultation prior to your appointment.

Popping in for a quick chat with your stylist before your appointment will benefit both of you. This will allow you and the stylist to be on the same page and have the same ideas after sharing your thoughts and help for your appointment to run smoothly.

The stylist will be able to see your current colour and form a plan of getting you to your desired colour.

The correct amount of time will be able to be booked out for the services you require with your stylist, and will give you a rough idea of the cost.

2. Condition of your hair.

Firstly, the condition of your hair should never be compromised. During your consultation the stylist will perform a few tests on your hair to check the strength. There have been cases where we have had to postpone a colour change whilst a client builds up the condition of their hair with a course of Kerastase Therapiste protein shampoo and conditioner.

There are other products such as BondPro which can be added to the colour at an extra cost to retain the strength and keep your hair in a healthy condition.

Bond Pro- Bond Pro is a product that works exclusively with Goldwell colour. It strengthens the hair whilst the colour is developing meaning that,
a. We can push the hair further than we would do otherwise.
b. The desired colour will last in the hair longer.

This will leave the hair feeling revitalized and significantly healthier along with strengthening the hair fibre and preventing any breakage.

Hair goes through a lot to get to these colours so investing in the right after care products is very important.

3. This is a lifestyle choice…

Your hair stylist may become your new best friend. You will see them a lot!

Root maintenance is every 4-6 weeks, you may also need to make an appointment in between root appointments for toners. THESE COLOURS ARE NOT PERMENANT AND WILL FADE.

On the day of the colour change expect to be in the salon for anything between 4-7 hours or even multiple days. Bring snacks 🙂

4. Cost

Each procedure for each client will be completely different as no client’s hair is the same.

Again, consultation is key to seeing these different obstacles. Just to name a few…. Existing hair colour, natural hair colour, amount of regrowth, how much we need to lift the hair, how many times colour needs to be applied, etc. You get the idea, but this will help us work out a rough price guide for the services we need to do.

5. Products

As touched on earlier, your hair will go through a lot to achieve these colours and products are so important for the health of your hair afterwards. Not only will they keep your hair in tip top condition, they will also prolong your new beautiful colour.







6. Photoshop, lighting, camera….

So I’m sure we have all seen the magic of photoshop in some form or other. Well this programme can make our lives very hard as stylists when it comes to colours.









We all love, and spend hours on Pinterest, looking for the perfect hair picture to show our stylist but the pictures above were found on Pinterest and show how a picture can be manipulated and changed with photoshop.









The photographs above of me were taken on the same day in Anthony John Salons on the day of a colour change. The left photograph was taken with a professional ring light and the right photograph was taken at a salon section with natural lighting.
We can all agree how different the hair colour looks by changing something as simple as natural or artificial lighting.
With these different ways of changing photos and the internet being full of them we realise expectations are high but it’s the stylists job to educate you and make these expectations realistic.

7. Be confident

These colours are bold and people are going to look at you, comment on your hair, approach you to ask where it was done. You have to be confident and own it.

8. Leave it to the professionals

Last but not least, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO COLOUR CHANGE AT HOME. If you think a colour change is expensive then you wouldn’t want to have a colour correction bill. As you can see there are a lot of things to consider, trust in the professionals to get it right for you, it's a process and it may take longer to get there than you first expected. But we will get you there, and most importantly, with your hair in good condition.

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