Restrictions Lifted: What It Means For Your Salon Visit

March 2022 Update: A Message From Tony

We hope you're all well and enjoying the extra freedoms thrust upon us with most of the Covid restrictions being lifted. It feels great doesn't it! Yet still a little strange. As I have said before, I feel navigating this part of the Covid journey is going to be, for a lot of businesses, the hardest chapter.

Whilst the government were dictating the rules to us, it was fairly easy to make decisions. Basically, follow the guidance to the letter to ensure everyone is safe. I really feel we have done that, even when it has been at huge detriment to the business financially. Our focus has always been to create the environment that people felt safe in - one that was their happy place AND that they get excellence in hairdressing in,. That's been since our inception in 2011, all the way to now.

Of course we had to tweak things over the last two years, but I feel so proud of how we adapted and still gave the luxury yet friendly and approachable (hard to do with masks on and people can't see you smile!) client journey we always have been known for. Huge kudos to the team for delivering that day in day out in sometime challenging circumstances.

So, What Is Next?

With the government removing most restrictions, I feel we have to trust that we are coming out of the most dangerous part of the pandemic. Obviously, there is still risk there and we have to manage that risk - but we also have to slowly get back to some of the ways we used to work. We've started that process hesitantly and slowly since the new year, with slight changes to rota's etc.

Here's some of the other changes to expect in your client journey from April 1st onwards...

Do I Have To Wear A Face Mask?


We are ourselves going to continue to wear our face masks until April. We do ask, if you don't mind, if you can do the same. However if you are not comfortable with this then it is not something that we can enforce. By wearing masks through March I feel we will see truly what the numbers are doing in terms of infection rates and fingers crossed that by April 1st everything will look EVEN better.

If things go to plan then all of the staff (if they want to) will stop wearing masks and you can do the same. However, if you are wearing on, then so will we. We do also ask that you do the same, there may be times that staff feel more vulnerable i.e. they are pregnant, they are close family members are having treatment etc - so they decide that it is best to wear a mask at that time. We ask that you are at all times kind to our team if that is their choice just as we are always kind to you. I know you will be.

Will The Balcony Room Area Be Re-Opening?


This will be returning at some point through April. This much loved, shared space some of you will not have used before. It is our space on the mezzanine floor where clients relax whilst their colour is developing, away from the rest of the salon. There is another coffee machine and fridge on this level all there to help you get away from the world, enjoy a coffee or hot chocolate and either read, work, or simply daydream. There will be some changes in this space, we are currently busy sourcing and purchasing different style seating to make it as relaxing as possible. The final screens will be removed from the salon in between the backwash. The waiting area at reception will also reopen.

What Safety Measures Will Be Staying In Place?


One thing that won't be changing will be our stringent testing if any of the team is feeling un well with symptoms of Covid. We will be purchasing many lateral flow tests and insisting that if anybody shows signs that they may have the virus that they test, in turn of course they would then finish their shift immediately.

We do ask that you do the same and remain very cautious about how you feel when coming into the salon to protect the team and all the other clients. We will also continue to have sanitiser on every section, on reception and around the salon. On top of this our disposable, one use, bio degradable towels will continue and also every gown will be laundered after every use. Of course all of this takes investment from the business, but it's all things that will now remain in place continuously.

Will The Small Covid Charge Still Be In Place?


With all of the above in mind, it means that we will be removing our small covid charge from April 1st. As you know this charge, originally £4 per client and halved to £2 around 12 months ago, was put in place to simply allow the business to still be viable. There was huge investment made initially to make sure we were covid secure, but the main hit was the fact that to reduce the flow of people meant that our capacity reduced by 20-30%, in turn it meant that revenue took a 20-30% hit.

As you can imagine, the £2 per client hasn't come close to covering this - but ensured we remained viable. We have tried to keep this at the absolute minimum throughout the two years (my dentist charges £25 covid charge per patient) and I have also wanted it to be transparent so that you know what the charge was for rather than hiding it in price increases. I want to say a huge thank you to you all for not even questioning it, it really has helped us through what could have been a very tricky time in the business. If we should have to put some of our covid restrictions back in place in the future then we may have to re introduce this charge, but lets all hope that we never have to do that.

A Thank You From Team AJS...

So...thank you, as always, for choosing us. We will be working hard to make your visits to us even better in what will be the "new normal." Thank you for your ongoing support and making our jobs so fulfilling.

See you all soon,