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Most of us girls have had a vision of our wedding day since we knew what weddings were. This also goes for our hair. Every woman dreams of having that amazing bridal look with their hair just how they imagined, but there are a few things to take into consideration.

Firstly, finding a salon and a hairdresser you are comfortable and happy with is a must. Secure your date and book your trial as soon as you can, this relieves a bit of planning stress! Having a discussion on what your vision is and what is achievable with your hair is so important. Meeting with your chosen stylist can help decide what will make the most of your hair and what will suit well with any themes, dress types and what is realistic.

During your trial decide whether you want any flattering face framing pieces or some softer pieces gripped up. Also, this may clear up if you prefer a slicker style all pulled back. Bridal hair goes through a lot during the day so make sure whatever you choose will last the whole day. Having your hair done professionally makes sure it remains secure – something no bride wants to worry about! Some brides prefer their hair mostly down so communicate to your stylist how you like your hair when it is down and how you normally wear it.

Another thing that brides can find challenging on the big day can be bridesmaid styles. They are a big part of the day and they will want to feel comfortable and look their best. Choosing a style for them can be difficult as you are choosing for different hair lengths and what will suit them. Often an updo or something with a plait can work well. Make sure whatever style you choose will be long lasting and suitable for different ages. This can also be discussed with your stylist during the consultation or trial.

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During your trial and consultation let your stylist know how many will be in your bridal party and what they require e.g. any blow dries for mothers or family. Timing can be crucial on the day, we always ask what time your ceremony is and aim to leave around an hour before for photos and time to get into your dress. Your stylist will let you know what time they will arrive and leave so this can be communicated to make up artists and photographers.

As for current trends... The ponytail is all on the bridal runway and throughout social media- so if your hair is long and thick enough, give this classy elegant style a try! Soft, textured takes on the bun are also very popular and are a timeless style that goes with a lot of dress styles, veils and any other hair accessories. Plaits and twists give detailing and softness to a style, so will create that feminine class.

I think the main thing to think about, and what I always say to my brides, is it’s all about you feeling like the very best version of yourself! The style you choose must represent you and your image, that way you will feel super confident and comfortable as well as stunning. Remember to make the most of your stylist and more importantly, enjoy every second of your day!

Lauren x
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