Photoshoots & Editorials

This Monday we completed our latest photoshoot, we love doing this kind of work at Anthony John Salons. Everything about it. The mind mapping and discussing inspirations and trends. The prep days and the sleepless nights through nerves and excitement. The non stop day itself and the shots you see coming together. Then the working on post production with the photographer to perfect what we have created. It's all amazing, creative and something a little different to what we do day in day out.
Anthony John Salons

We invest quite a lot into it both financially and with our time, it's something a lot, if not most other salons don't do! so the question you as our client, fellow hairdresser or salon owner reading this may ask is... why?

Well, let me explain.

It keeps us on trend: We do many, many things as a group to ensure all the team is always on top of current and new trends. As a team we inspire each other. Trends and fashion is discussed in team meetings, put into practice in training and then, after training in and perfecting  our new techniques, are used on our clients on a day to day basis. Doing a photoshoot ensures you have a focal point, at least once a year, where you have to think forward. If you are investing in a shoot, the images have to stand out, not just look like others and look current for as long as possible. That's why we put so much research into what we want the overall look and feel of the shoot to be, how we want it to represent us and how we make current and upcoming trends "on brand."

It's a hairdressers job to inspire their clients, the work we put into a shoot ensures we can bring our inspirations and enthusiasm back into the salon and onto our clients. It keeps us at the forefront of what we do and not stale.

Anthony John Salons

Self development: We pride ourselves on making sure our staff have the avenues they need to achieve their goals in the industry. For some hairdressers they simply just want to be a very busy salon hairdresser. Others want to achieve in business, whilst a lot want to show their creativity to the world and be recognised by their peers for it. Capturing your work on camera is the best way to push your work out to the trade and in turn win prestigious awards. Our stylists get opportunities that others could only dream of, having images of their/our work gives us much more clout in the industry to help our team achieve their dreams and get such opportunities. In this industry you have to keep developing and have to push yourself out of your comfort zone otherwise you get left behind. Editorial work is a great way of doing that.

Brand exposure: We have big plans going forward. Franchising, academy and education for the industry. All of this is in the process and built into our business plans for the years to come. We feel we do things differently and better than most out there. The awards we have already won, and will hopefully win in the future backs that up. Having our images in local, national and international press creates a buzz for all involved in our brand. Staff and clients. It attracts new clients to come and visit us from far and wide, inspires quality people to apply for jobs with us and draws more companies to want to work with, and along side us, in the industry.

So editorial work is important for many reasons. It's great for the brand, our team and most importantly our clients!

Tony x