Summer Hair

With a little glimpse of summer and the memories of month-long heatwaves, daily BBQs and the distant chants of ‘It’s Coming Home’, it’s no surprise we are hoping for what we had in the summer of 2018.

We have all become very good at looking after and protecting our skin in the sun but often forget about our hair.

There are many factors which can cause dryness and damage to our hair during the summer months; over-exposure to harmful sun rays, sea salt, sand and chlorinated swimming pools to name a few.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to keep your hair beautiful on those bucket-list holidays…..

1. Don’t wait until after your holiday to get a haircut

By doing this your hair is already in need of a cut and may be dry or damaged. Going into the sun with already weakened hair will only result in more breakage and dryness. So, when you’re booking in for those lash extensions don’t forget your hair appointment too.

2. Pack those products

Kerastase have the perfect sun care range available and personally I wouldn’t be going anywhere without it.

Bain Apres Soleil

bain apres soleil 150x150 1

After a long hard day poolside or an active day at the beach, Kerastase nourishing after sun shampoo Bain Apres Soleil is the perfect in-shower treat for your hair.

All other Kerastase shampoos require two applications but Bain Apres Soleil requires one 5 minute shampoo.
Applying the product to wet/damp hair and gently massaging it in will allow the product to remove chlorine, salt and sand residue.

Plus, it will leave you smelling like a coconutty dream.

Masque UV Defense Active

masque 150x150 1

This anti damage concentrate for colour-treated hair has UV filters to protect coloured hair whilst exposed to the sun.

After your hair is freshly shampooed apply the mask to mid lengths and ends of the hair, leaving for 5-10 minutes before emulsifying and giving a thorough rinse.

Your hair will be protected, feel more resistant and intensely nourished ready for that evening cocktail.

But what do I use when I’m in the sun I hear you say…welll…ta daaaaa

creme uv 150x150 1 serene 150x150 1

Creme UV Sublime and Huile Sirene are two newly formulated sun protecting products.

Creme UV Sublime

Enriched with vitamin E, this scented leave-in moisturising cream will protect your hair whilst you’re enjoying the sun and taming any frizz for up to 24 hours.

The texture is lightweight and non-greasy so can be applied throughout the day leaving you with a silky smooth finish.
Apply to dry or towel dried hair before and after sun exposure.

Huile Sirene

If you’re after a more textured ‘I woke up like this’ look, then this is the product for you.

This multi protection spray nourishes and softens natural texture for a beach babe look. The ingredient of babussa oil allows for multiple applications and a zero-crunch finish.

Shake well before use. Apply a mist over dry or damp hair throughout the day. Each layer will leave a more pronounced look.

3. Use the poolside showers

By having a quick shower before entering the pool your hair will already be wet and will stop your hair soaking up all chlorinated water. It is still important to use Bain Apres Soleil so those chlorine molecules are hunted out.

4. Seek cover

As with our skin we are advised to stay out of direct sunlight between 11am-3pm. This is when the sun’s harmful rays are at their strongest. You could seek shade or even wear a hat to keep your hair protected.

Now that you have the knowledge to keep those locks in check, have fun in the sun!