Choose from our fabulous range of in - salon rituals and continue at home with our luxurious take out range.

Fusio dose   £15

A prescriptive treatment range that delivers unbelievable results in an instant. Because the product is in spray form the molecules are much smaller - allowing the product to get much deeper into the hair treating it right from the cortex rather than just at cuticle level, in essence this means it will cure your hair from the inside out. It also means that the product is completely weightless on the hair, leaving your hair healthy, luxurious and full of shine.

Your stylist will prescribe one of 20 variations to truly combat your main concerns with your hair. The product itself is made up of two parts.

1. The fusio.
This treats the main concern with your hair.

  • Lack of moisture
  • Lack of strength
  • Lack of shine/colour fade
  • Lack of fullness/volume

2. The dose.
This treats the secondary concern or adds even more concentrate to the primary concern.

  • De-frizz/smooths
  • Strengthens
  • Moisturises
  • Colour protect and shine
  • Thickens

Luxury Mask   £25   (+ the cost of your choice of finish)

Indulge in the ultimate luxury hair care experience. A 30 minute appointment for you to simply relax, be pampered and treat your hair to some TLC.

  • The appointment starts with one of our Kerastase specialists performing an in depth consultation of your hair and scalp using our unique Kerastase camera. This magnifies your scalp by 200 and your hair by 600 times, allowing us to truly see any problem areas that are essential to treat.
  • We can then prescribe the bespoke hair care programme both for us to use in salon and for you to use at home.
  • Next we cleanse the hair whilst you receive an extended version of the Anthony John Salons scalp massage.
  • Then, back at the station, we will apply the prescribed mask to your hair, thoroughly, section by section.
  • Once this is applied we will leave you to relax for 10 minutes, hair wrapped in a towel, so that the mask can penetrate deep into the hair and treat any problem areas.
  • After 10 minutes we rinse the product from your hair with slightly cooler water. This will smooth down the cuticle of your hair leaving it silky and smooth as well as removing the mask.
  • To finish you can choose either a blow dry or cut and finish for your hair (see pricelist for details)

If you wish to take away any of the haircare programme that your Kerastase specialist has recommended for you, you will receive a 10% discount off any products purchased on the day of your luxury mask.

Strength with colour treatment   £25

L’Oréal Smartbond+ Kerastase strengthening fusio dose.

Most people who colour their hair frequently will suffer from a lack of protein in the hair. This will result in the colour fading more quickly, colour lacking shine and in the worst cases hair breakage.

Smartbond is a product that works exclusively with L’Oréal colour. It strengthens the hair whilst the colour is developing meaning that
a) we can push the hair further than we would do otherwise and
b) the desired colour will last in the hair longer.

Bond pro will:

  • Give superior reliability for maximum confidence: no visible dilution of lightening and colour performance
  • Strengthen the hair fibre and support bond stability
  • Prevent breakage during alkaline services and protect hair from damage
  • Leave hair revitalized and deeply nourished
  • Ensure hair looks and feels significantly healthier

The second part of our strength with colour service is a strengthening Kerastase fusio dose once the colour is removed. This floods the hair with protein, strengthening the hair fibre from the inside out. It adds a massive 56% strength back into the hair.

We would highly recommend our strength with colour treatment to anybody who is having a colour change service, a service which involves lifting the hair considerably, or any colour service if your hair is prone to breakage.

It is essential to carry on the work at home that these treatments will start. To support you with this you will receive 10% off any retail bought in the strengthening range.