Changing Your Hair Colour? Here’s What To Ask For At The Hairdressers

Transform Your Hair Colour At Anthony John Salons In Lichfield

Have you had the same hair colour for years and feel stuck in a rut, unable to decide what colour you want next? Perhaps you want to change up your hair colour for a special occasion, or maybe you just feel that your hair shade no longer suits you as you’ve grown out of it as you’ve become a little older? Whatever your reason (and even if you don’t have a reason!), we’re here to help at Anthony John Salons, as we are the hair colour experts in Staffordshire.

Our luxury salon is located in a beautiful boutique-style mini shopping centre in Lichfield, complete with a woodland with a Green Fairy walk and two pigs! Visit our salon in style and you could even treat yourself to a shopping spree in at the shops too. Rest assured, we’ll treat you like royalty at our Staffordshire salon, and pamper you like the queen you are – because, at our salon, the customer comes first.

So, what are you waiting for? Book in for a hair colour consultation with our experts to begin your journey towards a gorgeous new hair colour. During this consultation, we can get to know you and discuss what you want so that we can help find a hair colour that’s perfect for you. But first, here are our top tips for finding a fabulous hair colour that suits you

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Which Hair Colour Will Suit Me?

If you’re not sure what hair colour you want, our hair colour specialists are here to help with exactly that. Our expert team are highly trained in the art of hair colouring, and so will take into account a number of important factors that will help them find the perfect hair colour for you. Your skin tone and eye colour will both affect the hair colours that will suit you. While people with light skin tones may find that they look washed out with dark hair colour, people with darker skin tones will look stunning with auburn and chestnut hair shades.

How To Explain The Hair Colour I Want To My Stylist

The best way to explain the hair colour you want to one of our colourists is to show them a photo of the exact hair colour you desire! If this isn’t possible for whatever reason, then don’t worry. Our team are trained in asking the right questions to find out just what hair colour you really want, and we’ll also show you some colour samples so that you can point out what hair colour you want that way too!

What Is A Patch Test & Why Do I Need It?

Although allergic reactions to hair dye are rare, they can happen sometimes to anyone for a range of reasons – such as a change in medication, hormonal imbalances or illness. So, it’s really important that you follow our guidelines and get a patch test when required. Patch tests are also known as allergy alert tests and skin tests (which all mean the exact same thing!).

For those of you that haven’t had a hair colour service at Anthony John Salons or it’s been over six months since you last had your hair coloured with us, then you will need to have a patch test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment. This is quick and easy, but most importantly, essential. After you’ve had your skin test, we can book your hair colour appointment.

Hair Cut Or Hair Colour First?

At Anthony John Salons, we recommend you have your hair coloured first, and then have your hair cut and styled. By doing this, we can ensure your hair colour complements and enhances your hair cut so that the end result is a sensational look that you’ll absolutely adore!

The Difference Between Highlights and Balayage

When it comes to the latest hair trends and techniques, we always stay up-to-date. We know that the latest lingo can be hard to wrap your head around, which is why we’re here to explain to you what it all means. One of the top trends at the moment is balayage, but we often get asked what the difference is between balayage and highlights.

For a full head of highlights, we apply hair colour to your head in evenly selected strands which are then wrapped in aluminium foil to help the colour to develop. This results in a structured hair colour and can create a naturally lightened look, or a dramatic look, depending on what you wish to achieve.

Balayage is a hair colouring technique where hair colour is hand-painted throughout your hair for a bespoke hair colour. This creates a naturally sun-kissed look as our expert colourists will apply the highlights where the sun would naturally lift your hair colour. By blending different shades, we will create a natural-looking hair colour that gets slightly darker towards your roots. This means this look is a low-maintenance hair colour as there will be less obvious root regrowth when your hair starts to grow again.

Can I Have My Hair Coloured While Pregnant?

According to the NHS, research suggests that having your hair coloured during pregnancy and breastfeeding is safe as long as the level of chemicals coming into contact with your scalp is low. Often, pregnant women wait until after the first trimester until they have their hair coloured, but please ensure you read the NHS guidelines for colouring your hair when pregnant or speak to your GP.

If you do decide to colour your hair during pregnancy, then highlights, lowlights, balayage and even semi-permanent dyes are a better option than a full head of hair colour. This is because these treatments have less contact with your skin and create fewer chemical fumes.

Can I Have My Hair Coloured If I'm Under 16?  

If you are under 16, we do not offer hair colour services as stated by the latest EU Directives.  

How Much Will My Hair Colour Appointment Cost? 

All our team are highly trained, but each of our stylists and colourists have different skill levels and are graded according to the amount of experience and expertise they have had in the hairdressing industry. Therefore, this is reflected in the price of each service – with those with less experience being lower-priced, and those with the most experience being priced higher in relation to their skills.

Going From Brunette To Blonde

The most important thing for you to take into account is that a major hair colour transformation – such as changing your hair colour from brunette to blonde – will take experience, skill and time. So, it’s unlikely you’ll go from brunette to blonde overnight! You may need to book in for two or more appointments to achieve the beautiful blonde hair colour you desire.

The process will involve pre-lightening your hair before applying the blonde hair shade that you want. But, before we even begin this process, we will need to assess the condition of your hair during a hair colour consultation to check that your hair is healthy enough to cope with the bleach that is involved for a radical hair colour change like this.

Changing My Hair Colour From Blonde to Red

When changing your hair colour, we will always need to assess your base shade and how healthy your hair is during a hair colour consultation. To get the colour you wish to achieve, we may recommend a deep conditioning treatment to improve the condition of your hair before we colour it. We may also need to lighten your hair before applying the perfect red hair colour for you.

A gradual hair colour change may be the best idea as it will give you time to get used to your new hair colour and learn to love it, otherwise, you might be a little shocked by such a drastic change! We can start the hair colour change process with some red lowlight or red balayage to ease you into your stunning new ravishing red hair colour. This also gives you time to decide exactly which red hair shade is right for you – from bright red to copper red hair colour, auburn hair colour and burnt orange hair colour, and even more! There’s a range of red hair shades to choose from.

Pastel Hair Colours & Bright Shades

Whatever hair colour you desire, we can create at Anthony John Salons in Staffordshire! From bright hair colours like brilliant blues, vibrant purples and neon pinks, to pastel hair colours such as baby blues, lilacs and pretty pinks, we’ve got the perfect hair colour for you.

Book A Hair Colour Appointment At Anthony John Salons In Lichfield

You can have the hair colour of your dreams at Anthony John Salons in Staffordshire! Just book in for a hair colour consultation with the hair experts in Lichfield by calling us on 01543 481 900.